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Switching from Coal to Natural Gas Would Do Little for Global Climate, Study Indicates

Switching from Coal to Natural Gas Would Do Little for Global Climate, Study Indicates

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Government War On Your Vitamins

From Lew

FDA May Be Getting Ready To Water-Down Your Vitamin Pills

by Bill Sardi

Recently by Bill Sardi: News Media, In League With Government, Begins Orchestrated Smear Campaign Against Dietary Supplements

It’s been on the docket since 2007 for the Food & Drug Administration to revamp nutrient guidelines for the American population. The FDA says it is close to issuing a new guideline that may water-down essential nutrients in foods and multivitamins.

At issue is whether the FDA will use the relied-upon RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) that covers the nutrients needs of 98% of the population or the EAR (Estimated Average Requirement) which only addresses the nutrient level needed to meet the needs of 50% of the population.

While the proposed FDA rule is anticipated any time now (it will have to withstand a public comment period), one wonders whether the FDA will take into consideration a newly-published report showing the Estimated Average Requirement (EAR) level would leave many Americans short of meeting their need for essential vitamins and minerals.

Strikingly, the newly published report shows that dietary supplements play a stronger role in meeting the nation’s nutrients needs than previously thought.

While the prevailing mantra is that an American adult can get all the essential nutrients they need out of a good diet, this is far from the truth in the real world.

According to a recently published report in the Journal of Nutrition (Aug. 26, 2011), a large percentage of the American public failed to achieve even the water-down Estimated Average Requirement (EAR) for essential vitamin and minerals even when foods were enriched, fortified or the diet amplified with dietary supplements.

Here are the percentages of Americans who failed to even achieve the EAR level of nutrient intake, even with food fortification and supplements:

Nutrient % under Est. Avg. Requirement were not taken

Foods + fortification If supplements were not taken

Vitamin D 70% 90%

Vitamin E 60% 91%

Calcium 38% 50%

Vitamin A 34% 45%

Vitamin C 25% 37%

Magnesium 45% 55%

Only about 3% of Americans achieved Adequate Intake (AI) for potassium (4700 milligrams/day for adults) and only 35% for vitamin K (90-120 micrograms/day).

Adequate Intake (AI) is used when no RDA can be established for a particular nutrient.

Over-dosage not a significant problem

The percentage of American population that over-consumed nutrients, beyond the safe upper limit (SUL), was generally small, ranging from 1-3% for most essential vitamins and minerals. The Safe Upper Limit is about 10-fold lower than the dose required to produce observable side effects and is defined as the dose which poses no adverse risk to health. Many Americans are mistakenly led to believe by health authorities that the threat of over-dosage is considerable when taking dietary supplement, but again, in the real world, even exceeding the SUL would not be expected to produce undesirable side effects.

What will the FDA decide?

If the FDA chooses to use the EAR, then many consumers would be misled that 100% of the Daily Value would be all they need to maintain health when in fact that is only the level that would achieve adequacy in 50% of the population. Authorities in the field of nutrition advocate the RDA rather than the watered-down EAR to establish Daily Values for nutrients.

Health authorities have been criticized in recent times for establishing nutrient guidelines that are outdated and would ensure a certain level of disease to treat within the population at large. There is concern that public health authorities will capitulate to lobbyists who represent medical industrial complex in a trade to generate jobs and help get politicians off the unemployment hot seat. Disease is good for business and employment at a time when American industries are hurting.

Confusing acronyms for nutrient needs should be ignored

All of the confusing acronyms (RDAs, EARs, AIs and DRIs- dietary reference intakes) used to signify nutrient requirements generally apply to groups, not individuals, and they were developed for assumedly healthy populations, not for growing children, females during pregnancy, diabetics (~25 million Americans, smokers (~45 million), retirees (over 36 million), or those taking nutrient-depleting drugs such as aspirin, beta blockers, diuretics, statin drugs, etc (average 65-year old American takes 5 prescription drugs). So food and dietary supplement labels don’t apply to most Americans.

Most Americans, reading food or supplement labels, would assume they obtain all the nutrients they need if the label reads 100% of the RDA. But this is far from the truth.

For example, the RDA for vitamin C is just 60 milligrams, not enough to even measurably raise blood levels. Since vitamin C is rapidly excreted from the body, repeated doses are needed throughout the day to maintain healthy blood concentrations. Smokers, aspirin users, females during pregnancy, the chronically ill, individuals infected with viral and bacterial infections, diabetics, the hospitalized and those under physical or emotional stress require more vitamin C.

Many Americans exhibit overt signs of vitamin C deficiency that are often ignored by modern medicine, which include chronic fatigue, anemia, irritability, bleeding gums, easy skin bruising, dark red or purple blotches on skin or in the eyes from broken capillaries in blood vessels, pinpoint cherry-red spots on the skin (petechiae), hernias, gastro-esophageal reflux (acid heartburn), aneurysm (bulge in blood vessels), varicose veins, which may not be resolved with common-dose vitamin C pills. One study shows 453% of the RDA for vitamin C is required to replenish vitamin C in smokers.

Sunlight exposure is still the primary way Americans obtain vitamin D with the diet making a small contribution. Modern Americans have been taught to be phobic over unfiltered sunlight causing skin cancer which has worsened the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency without compensating increases in the RDA for this vitamin.

As a final note, while dietary supplements do play a significant and underappreciated role in providing for the nutrient needs of the American population, it is obvious by the above numbers that many of daily multivitamins need to be updated.

September 9, 2011

Bill Sardi [send him mail] is a frequent writer on health and political topics. His health writings can be found at His latest book is Downsizing Your Body.

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Government Now Wants To Protect Your Neck

From Red State:

Government Wants to Protect Your Neck

Posted by Ben Howe (Profile)

Thursday, September 8th at 5:01PM EDT


Rep. John Boehner recently requested from President Obama a list of any pending regulations that would cost business $1 billion or more.

Interestingly enough, Obama did as requested and some of the more egregious regulations have been making waves.

While they’re all expensive and ridiculous, one particular regulation put another chink in the armor of an administration that I have said before, seems intent on bankrupting the American auto industry.

Four proposals from the Environmental Protection Agency had the highest projected costs. The other $1 billion rule, proposed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, would require rear-view cameras on cars. NHTSA was required to write that rule under a 2008 law passed by Congress.

As the owner of a vehicle that has this feature, I can assure you that is no safer or easier to use than standard rear view mirrors or, as passé as it may seem, turning your head around to see where you are going. I suppose it’s possible that, in spite of previous positions, they’ve decided they like necks now and want to protect yours.

Besides, who cares if it drives up vehicle prices by about $200 per car? It’s just money and as we all know, that’s totally printable (it’s made of paper!).

Sometimes I feel like the president thinks that the auto industry is his personal “You build it!” website feature that you see on automobile websites. He’s already decided he wants an electric car or at least a car that gets at 50 mpg minimum. Now he wants to throw in some rear view cameras for safety. Why stop there?

Here’s what I propose that our nanny-masters add to their list in the name of safety:

Navigation System - We can’t have citizens getting lost. Do you know how many people per year get lost and how many deaths that leads to? Well, neither do I but I’m sure it’s more than one. In Obama’s America, one lost person is too many. Also, it should have Morgan Freeman’s voice. People listen to him.

iPod Jack – This is a no-brainer. How many wrecks are caused by people switching CDs and radio stations? No more. Now they can create car playlists that keep their hands safely on the wheel and their eyes on the road. For the sake of our children, Barack Obama must force car companies to include this feature. In fact, he may want to go ahead and throw in the iPods themselves as well, just to be safe.

Premium Sounds System – For those rare moments when we do use our radio, don’t we need to make sure that we can hear our dear leader speaking? Can’t do that with run-of-the-mill factory installs. Only the good stuff will project how clean and articulate he is.

Hands Free Communication – It’s ridiculous and arcane that we still have people using their hands to do things in cars. Since they can’t be bothered to do a 100%, wholesale upgrade on their own, government must force the auto industry to stop allowing people to use their hands to steer and adjust mirrors. Hands-free isn’t just for avoiding people making phone calls using their icky dial pad. We gotta think BIG!

Leather Interior - It’s fire proof…or something. (No animals were harmed in the writing of this suggestion.)

Sun Roof - Is there some other way that you can think of that’s better at getting America to use their air conditioners less, thus lowering the sea levels with all of the environmental good of having the A/C being turned off? Plus, what if you were trapped in a car that was being covered in sand after an earthquake and you couldn’t get out, and Superman and you were no longer on speaking terms so he couldn’t rewind the earth to save you?? WHAT THEN, MR. PRESIDENT???

Wood Scanner – There’s got to be some way to prevent illegal wood from ending up in your vehicle. This will protect us to degrees that we’ve never imagined. Like, ever.

Stop-Smoking Ashtrays – Ashtrays that not only don’t open, but remind you that smoking can be dangerous. Smoking causes cancer. (However, if you ask the ashtray what gov’t will do if everyone quits smoking and the cigarett tax disappears, it causes a paradoxal loop that results in the ash tray exploding.)

Exploding Ash Tray Containment System - Self-explanatory

Tinted Windows- The sun causes cancer.

Bullet-proof Glass- Bullets cause cancer.

If you have any other ideas, please submit them to the president so that we can finally all have the high end luxury cars that we need to protect ourselves with.

Together, we can make sure that no American is ever lost, too hot, suffering with less than optimal sounding music, using their hands or, God forbid, turning their neck around to see what’s behind the car.

Change has arrived!

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